As part of its efforts to make a general meeting that is as broad and inclusive as possible, IMA2022 welcomes scientific proposals within but not limited to the main themes of the conference:

  • Mineral systematics, regrouping, for example, new minerals and classification of minerals;
  • Physics and chemistry of minerals, assembling sessions about the physical and chemical properties of minerals and of rocks, various spectroscopies, and methods of investigation of minerals;
  • Ores and ore mineralogy, covering sessions about mineral deposits of economic interest or ore minerals;
  • Mineralogy and petrology, grouping general aspects of mineralogy and its relation to petrological studies;
  • Planetary mineralogy, covering sessions about minerals on other bodies of the solar system and beyond, planetary exploration, and space missions;
  • Planetary interiors, regrouping sessions about the constituents of planets, and behaviour of minerals at extreme conditions of pressures and temperature;
  • The dynamical world of minerals, covering sessions about mineral reactions, and mineral evolution.

As usual, each session proposal will need to include a concise description of the scientific topic that presents enough arguments to show its timeliness and relevance to the field of mineralogy. The proposals will be focused on science and/or science policy.

The Scientific Committee will judge all sessions proposals and will accept or reject each session proposal.

Your submission will be reviewed carefully and you will be notified about its acceptance status in October 2021.

If you wish to edit your submission, please send an email to our scientific secretariat:



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