During the weeks preceding and following the conference, we will organize a series of field trips to the most important geological landmarks. The field trips will be organized by a variety of geologists and mineralogists, from France and the surrounding countries. The centre of mass for our field trips is Lyon, and we plan to extend them such as to roughly covering a territory from the Pyrenees to the Alps, and from the Mediterranean coast to the Channel. 


As part of its efforts to make a general meeting that is as broad and inclusive as possible, IMA2022 welcomes proposals for field trips before and after the meeting.


Lyon's surrounding exhibits a geographical variety (highest European mountain "Le Mont Blanc", remains of the largest European volcano "Le Cantal" and the Mediterranean cliff coast). It occupies a key position, in the south-east part of France to access a large variety of societal to fundamental geological targets and prestigious geological settings: alpine continental collision, Hercynian orogeny, well preserved quaternary volcanoes, historical mines or exceptional local mineralization (e.g. Ultra High-Pressure white schists with dm-sized pyrope garnet, Martiniana Po, Dora-Maira Massif), as well as huge landslides (e.g. Séchilienne slope in the Romanche Valley). The network of high-quality highways and railways around the city gives us the possibility to organize a wide panel of field trips. Furthermore, a large variety of food and numerous possibilities of accommodation combine geological exploration and pleasant trip.


We welcome proposals ranging from simple one-day field trips to trips over several days. The Eastern part of the Central Massif, where both Miocene-to-Quaternary volcanoes, as well as a Hercynian core complex outcrop (spectacular high-temperature biotite melting associated to the Velay granite with cordierite dendrites), offers ideal terrain for a short daily trip. The oldest part of the city from roman to middle age could be the occasion for half-day geological trips through the building stones of the constructions (roman aqueduct and theatre). Field trips over several days allow making remote travel to touch the seacoast along the Hercynian Maures massif or to the Atlantic coast. Alpine and Pyrenean terrains in France and neighbouring countries are reachable by short-distance air, car, or train travel from Lyon and offer amazing opportunities for making cross-sections in a verity of tectonic and petrologic settings.


As usual, each field trip proposal will need to include a concise description showing its geological relevance and relevant practical information.


The Fieldtrips Committee will judge all proposals and will accept or reject each proposal. Your submission will be reviewed carefully and you will be notified about its acceptance status in October 2021.

If you wish to edit your submission, please send an email to our scientific secretariat: 

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